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Find your Perfect Grind ☕️

We now have a new page on our website with a simple chart to help you choose your perfect coffee grind for your choice of brewing method!

Check out the chart before ordering to make sure you are getting the best possible results when preparing your delicious Guru coffee, each and every time!

Finding your perfect grind is just as important as choosing your perfect Guru coffee

When requiring either a medium-fine or medium-coarse grind, please add a note to your order before checkout!


Your Guru one-stop Coffee Shop!

We are so very excited to be expanding our online range of coffee break related products to you in the near future! So keep an eye on the website as we add new products to enhance your coffee (and tea!!) break experience ☕️

Some exciting things coming to Guru in the near future, so we will keep you updated!

New Coffee’s

Loose Leaf Tea’s

Coffee Break Treats

Guru Merchandise

Coffee Syrups

Brewing Methods

Gifts & Goodies

Enjoy Your Monday - make a brew! ☕️

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