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Hello 2022!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first blog of 2022! Soooo, what's a blog? Well, every day is a school day and I'm all for kickin it with the kids, (that very saying is probably sooooo last century) but anyway, I'll "blog on" about new stuff, coffee stuff, what's happening within the Guru world and any other stuff worth sharing within the Guru Coffee Community!

The first news I should share with you is the 3 new coffees for kickstarting 2022........

A Valenitine Limited Edition Arabica blend Cupid's Arrow, A delicious addition to the Female Coffee Farmer Range - Queen Ketiara, Indonesia and the "adventure in a cup" - Matagalpa Gold, Nicaragua. I cannot stress how much you NEED to try these amazing coffees, they are all uniquely amazing!

Here's a peep at the Cupid's Arrow Coffee Label,

I design them myself you know! ;-)

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