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Liberation from Social Media!

A couple of days ago I, along with my husband Ian made the decision to completely free ourselves from all social media platforms, including our business Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Whilst to some this may seem like utter lunacy we have also been quite overwhelmed and shocked in equal measures by everyone’s responses.

So many people have expressed that they really wish they could free themselves from the social media trap, and my advice to you is just do it!

Social media certainly has its advantages to businesses, however it’s also obvious that whilst Likes & Follows are a nice boost to “ego” they don’t necessarily always result in sales!

But what is important to us, is time. It’s so easy to lose yourself in reels, compare yourself and your life to others and forget about being present! it’s easy to lose hours in a fake world when your world is literally sat in front of you and it’s passing you by!

The passed 48hrs have been liberating for Ian and I. We’ve had so much more time rekindling the lost art of conversation and we both feel that we have so more of our day and we actually feel quite uplifted and positive! Our mental health has had a boost!

Guru is still searchable on Google and you can visit our website and in person at our cosy coffee shop in Fenwick! We are still here.

So if you get to the end of your day thinking “I’ve just lost hours scrolling social media rubbish” like we both did every day, then make the change! Delete it, I promise you, you’re not missing out, you’ll feel so much better for it! Get your friends and families telephone numbers and call them more! Let’s start conversing again. It’s amazing how much it means to someone.


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You've absolutely nailed it there in a superbly written piece. It is, as you say, totally liberating and exciting - doing things we haven't done in ages due to 'lost time', planning future trips/events, talking!!! It's huge positive vibes and even makes me feel re-energised.

The futures bright, the future is social media free!!!

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