The Divine Range

Kenyan AA - Jungle Estate

Medium-Dark Roast


Graded as one of the World's Best Coffees, this Kenyan AA Arabica coffee bean grows at 1700-1800metres high on the red, volcanic mountainside of Mt. Kenya.  This Jungle Estate coffee has a Divine vintage-wine sweetness, coupled with a nutty, cocoa caramel flavour and a delightful aroma.  A truly Divine coffee in every sense of the word.


In a class of its own, this AA graded coffee from the Nyeri region of Kenya embodies all of the Divine characteristics of a truly exceptional coffee.  AA Graded coffee beans are specially selected larger beans that are considered superior and therefore more valuable!


The knowledge and expertise of the Kenyan coffee farmers, along with research and development of farming practices, has enured that the quality of coffee here is consistently high. The lush forests and acidic red soils provide the perfect environment for coffee growing.


So if you're looking for a coffee that is truly Divine, with that full-bodied smoothness, deliciously mellow and exquisitly flavoursome, then look no further - Kenyan AA Jungle Estate is too good to miss!


Price shown is for a 228g bag of Divine coffee.


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Kenyan AA - Jungle Estate