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Lady Zongolica


REGION - Zongolica, Veracruz, Mexico


For generations the women of Zongolica, Veracruz have passed down their knowledge and wisdom of the plants, animals, rivers, the mountains and the universe, through storytelling, as did their elders!  The region is deeply influenced by the rich ancestral heritage of its people, many of whom identify as part of the Nahuas indigenous tribe. 

WPZ "Womens Power Zongolica" coffee is the result of the hard work from the 20 female coffee farmers who grow and produce it. 

Each of the farmers adhere to the same practices, using hand-cranked depulpers before washing and then leaving the coffee to dry for 15 days on their very own patios on each of their own farms.

Forest conservation and tactical farming practices beyond the farm itself, help to preserve the regions biodiversity.



A smooth, well balanced, mildly acidic coffee, boasting notes of tropical fruits, caramel and brown sugar and an intensley satisfying macha aroma.




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Lady Zongolica

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