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FEMALE FARMER COFFEE RANGE Queen Ketiara - Sumatra, Indonesia Dark Roast Led by women, The Queen Ketiara co-operative is almost completely run by women and have accumalated over 25 years experience in producing specialty arabica coffee.Investment in the promotion and support of women and the younger generation in the coffee business is key to the success of this co-operative and provides improved working and living conditions to the people who work here. Shade grown at high altitudes in lush volcanic soils, high on the mountainsides of the Sumatran, Gayo Highlands, this sensational coffee is bursting with a mouhtful of complex flavours.Gentle fruits, sweet spices and subtle herbs in the cup.  The aroma is an earthy mix of rich dark chocolate with linguring woody, nutty tones. Queen Ketiara is worthy of her "Royal" title! We can prepare your coffee to your perfect brewing preference. Just select the correct option from the dropdown box before checkout! Price based on a 228g bag of coffee.

Queen Ketiara

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