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Cake Cake Cake! 🍰🧁

If you’ve not visited our little coffee shop yet, you’re seriously missing out on some major cake munching action!!

We source our cakes, sweet treats and savoury items from small independent bakers here on our doorstep in beautiful Northumberland! And my oh my they are delicious!

Like this utterly unctuous Biscoff Cake!

The coffee shop is just off the A1 northbound a few minutes away from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne & the picturesque villages of Ford & Étal.

Our Empire Biscuits are THE BEST!! (Or so our customers say!) and they’re quite perfect with a pot of loose leaf tea! 🫖

imagine a jammy dodger meets Bakewell kinda vibe! 👌

Below is a real beauty of a cake - Gluten & Dairy Free Raspberry & Lemon Polenta Cake 🍰🍋

In our coffee shop we use our very own Guru “The Guiding Light” Coffee - 100% Arabica Colombian Excelso coffee beans!

For our Decaf Lovers we use our Mexican Decaf coffee! Both coffees are wonderfully flavourful and perfect for creating all-round delicious coffees every time!

Check out our selection of coffees from around the world. If you can’t choose, why not select a couple of 70g Taster Packs until you settle on your fave go-to coffee!

And remember to keep an eye on the website as we add more product lines too!


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