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Little Donkey's visit to The Guru Coffee Shop!

"Excuse me, we are coming in for lunch and were wondering where we could tie up our two donkeys?"
Fenwick Village is full of wonderful surprises. A lively, friendly and sociable little community - not at all what my first impressions suggested. But when I was asked where to tie up two donkeys, I thought someone was pulling my leg!
Local farmers Tom and Karen rescued the two donkeys and have given them a safe and loving home on their farm, just 3 miles away.

They were taking them for a wee stroll - as one does! Luckily for us, we were perfectly situated for the two farmers and their precious donkey's for a halfway point welcome break. With the two donkeys tied up comfortably in the village hall garden, Karen and Tom could enjoy a spot of lunch in the coffee shop, even more wonderful was the fact they were celebrating their wedding anniversary with us too! A truly special day.

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